Treatments Packages

Treatment Packages (all sessions are via zoom)

I offer all my energy healing sessions as packages as it has much more potency and power. Energy healing is not a quick fix and it's not a one time thing. It takes time and multiple sessions to get through all the layers that have built up over out lifetimes and this is why everything I offer is a minimum of 4 sessions, to give you the maximum benefit possible. 
Taster session
20 minutes - free

If you are interested but not 100% sure if this energy healing is for you, why not book in for a free taster session. We will release a few trapped emotions and I will guide you through a short meditation while using crystals. Please bear in mind that this is only a short taster session where we will get a better understanding if we are a good match and if you would like further sessions with me. 

The Release Session (x4 sessions) 
30 minutes - £100 

Using the Emotion Code, I am able to detect and locate trapped emotions in the body. When an emotion is left unresolved, it becomes a ball of trapped energy, this dense, negative energy becomes lodged somewhere in the body causing your natural energy flow to be compromised. Releasing this energy is key to a healthy body, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Heart Wall Clearing (x4 sessions)

30 minutes (x4 sessions) - £100 

In this simple, non invasive 30 minute session, we work on releasing the trapped emotions that contribute to your heart wall. An energetic wall that your subconscious has put up around your heart to protect it. Most people will need multiple sessions to clear your heart wall completely. 


The Re-align and Re-charge Session (x4 sessions)
60 minutes - £200

In this beautiful session, we use crystals according to your consultation to first ground and settle in to a safe healing space. We gently re-align your energy into its natural flow by bringing your chakras back into balance. Then we give you a wonderful boost by activating your chakras with different crystals. 


The Release, Re-align & Re-charge Session (x4 sessions)
60 minutes - £220
90 minutes - £280

This is my signature session, a super power. First we do the release, to remove as many trapped, unresolved emotions from your body as possible. With all that negative energy removed, we move on to grounding and re-aligning your energy flow with crystals, aligning your chakras and assisting the energy healing to take place. Next is my favourite part, using different crystals to activate your energy centres, this really sets the energy healing in deeply and allows massive change, a big boost and to re-charge your energy.


DIY Crystal Healing Session (coming soon)

You will receive a guided meditation, with accompanying crystals (sent via post) dedicated to particular issues (stress/ sleep/ self-love/ happiness etc). You are able to use this again and again. It's a gift that keeps on giving.  

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