The energy healing modalities I work with

I work with two wonderful energy healing modalities that combined, create magic within your energy body leading to a healthier and happier you. Together, we release, re-align and re-charge your energy. 

The Emotion Code

The first is The Emotion Code, channelled and created by chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson. We all have many unresolved emotions that become trapped within our bodies when they aren't processed fully, usually when they feel uncomfortable to us. They can create dis-ease, aches, pains, repeating patterns, negative thoughts and behaviour etc.

With your permission, I connect to your subconscious and asking yes/no questions I can decipher which unresolved emotions you have trapped and at what age they became trapped. Using a magnet, the governing meridian and a clear intention we release them easily and quickly, It is completely non invasive and we can clear many trapped emotions per session. This is not talk therapy, there is no need to share painful memories, all your past traumas and situations stay private to you unless you feel like you want to share. 

Here are some of the benefits to releasing trapped emotions:

- release the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down

- release physical aches and pains

- release dis-ease within the body

- release inherited trapped emotions from your ancestors (these can go back many generations and often times explain a lot!) 

- can help relieve anxiety and stress

- can help release blocks

- increase your sense of self-worth, ability to be loved

- can increase your capacity to give and receive love

Crystal Healing

The second modality I work with are crystals, powerful gems given to us by mamma nature. They barely need an introduction. Working with the information you give during the consultation, I chose certain crystals to work on certain chakras, first to ground you and invite you into the safe space, then to re-align your chakras and lastly to activate & re-charge them. I use crystals in relation to their colour, the questions in the consultation reflect this. No two sessions are the same and are totally unique to you. During this session you will relax to a guided 45 minute audio meditation while I work on your energy remotely.

Here are some of the benefits to healing your energy with the magical world of crystals: 

- holds space for emotional release

- unlocks intuition

- helps us open up spiritually 

- works on an energetic level to heal dis-ease

- holds space for your body to heal naturally

- supports the balance of emotional energy

- helps you enter a space of relaxation and de-stressing

- holds space for mental clarity

- amplifies energy when there is a lack

- releases excess energy build up

These 2 modalities compliment each other beautifully and bring about powerful shifts, insights and changes in your energy body, leading to a happier and healthier you. You will notice the changes in your mind and body. 

Energy healing isn't a one time, quick fix, which is why I offer great deals for the package options. When you book in for 4 sessions, or more, it is so much more effective and powerful than just experiencing one session.

All sessions are done remotely, via zoom/ video call. 

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