Trainees of the Universe - Basic guidance to feel the universal flow. 


A 45 page ebook, it is all the basic guidance, knowledge and wisdom that I have gained over the years of my spiritual awakening, condensed into bite size chapters. 


We live in an energetic universe, we ourselves are energy and we learn to tap into the limitless supply, life becomes easier and more enjoyable. The universe is always conspiring for you and has your back at all times. 


It includes the following chapters; 

- Awareness of the ego voice

- Be easy on yourself

- 5 Tips to start meditating

- Emotional guidance

- Increase your self-belief

- Let it go

- Meditation

- Morning mindset routine

- Setting meaningful goals

- Smile and the world smiles with you

- Stress less and sleep more

- Wellness for life

- Gratitude

Trainees of the Universe