The Revolution is Coming . . .

The revolution is coming but not as we know it, not as we’ve seen and experienced in history, there will be no fighting, there will be no violence. Put the placards down, release the anger, hatred and feelings of injustice, they’re not needed where we are going.

The light is rising! Consciousness is rising! Divine energy is rising! The energy is changing and expanding.

The patriarchy has reigned supreme for many many years now, but, that is all changing. All of this *waves hands wildly around* is the patriarchy control at its best, or rather at its worst. It is a last ditch attempt at control, to keep us in fear and anger, to keep us in those low vibrations and creating divide amongst the people.

Don’t be fooled though, the patriarchal control is slipping, it’s trying damn hard but its grip is slipping. The patriarchy and society as we know it is crumbling before our very eyes.

We are the ones with the control now. It is up to us. The light warriors, the light bringers, the light workers, the conscious souls, are all waking up. Since the time when the Aquarian age began, light beings have been waking up steadily and many more, rapidly in the last 2 years and this is changing everything here on planet earth.

The light is starting to rise.

We are pulling ourselves out of the darkness of patriarchal times, can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you feel the mud and muck that is happening all around us at this moment, can you feel and see the light coming through?

Among all the chaos in 2020, I discovered my purpose, I’m a light worker and an energy healer, i'm a spiritual person, here to guide others. I am here to bring the light, to raise the vibration of the planet and assist others, to help releasing the negative energy we have carried for so long.

Together we can rise.

Since the time when patriarchal time began, we have lived mostly in a masucline energy, predominantly without divine feminine or divine masculine energy, predominantly without light and love, predominantly without consciousness but that is changing daily as many souls awaken each day that passes. It has already changed.

Once you awaken to the light and to consciousness you can’t go back, once you see patriarchal and societal conditioning for what it is, things become clearer, a weight is lifted, the veil is drawn back.

Divine feminine energy is like a mother, all loving and all nurturing, with that energy we can bring the patriarchy to its knees. Combining this with the divine masculine energy we are movely to oneness and wholeness.

By treating each other with love, light and respect, we are raising the vibration and allowing more consciousness into our existence. In unity, love and consciousness we have everything we need.

The revolution is coming! The evolution of light consciousness.

Those who are still asleep are easy to control but their numbers are dwindling every day. Its time we wake up, it’s time to step into consciousness, its time to step into the light with love and gratitude and help others who are ready.

Will you walk this path with me? We are not alone, our numbers are growing daily. Have faith, things are changing.

The revolution is upon us! This is the time for an evolution of light consciousness and divine energy.

We will change the world together, for the highest, greatest good of all.

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