Are you living in faith?

Do you have a deep faith that things are working out for your greatest, highest good?

Or, do you feel that sometimes the Universe isn't responding to you? Maybe even conspiring against you? I'm definitely guilty of this on occasion when I want something to arrive faster than is happening.

Did you know that when we request something of the universe, more money, more clients, a romantic lover, a holiday etc, simply by asking for it, we are proclaiming the lack of it, the desire of something we don't have, so the universe can only respond to this wanting with more wanting. This is why is sometimes feels like the Universe isn't listening and leaving you hanging.

By praying (not requesting) with a thankful, grateful heart, having faith that this thing is already available to us. In fact, the Universe responded before you even thought about wanting it.

The Universe is ready to assist you at all times, we have free choice to live life as we wish, don't allow patriarchal conditioning to have you believe otherwise!

So go out there and live life with complete faith and trust that the Universe has your back and is bringing you everything you desire and more! Show up as your best self, tend to your energetic vibration and live in a state of gratitude to bring your dreams into your current physical reality.

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