35 Life Lessons for 35 Years of Life

So far I have had 35 amazing years on this beautiful planet that we call home and I thought I would share some of my most insightful lessons. It was hard to chose only 35, they are no particular order but I hope you find some use and wisdom among them.

1) Fun is number 1.

This one took a while to sink in but it is the recipe for a great life! The more fun we have the better our lives become, the higher our vibration is.

2) Put your happiness before others.

It is far to easy to put other people before ourselves (it's kind of ingrained in us) so this is a really important one. The happier we are, the easier it is for us to help others from a place of love and generosity.

3) We are spirit having a human experience.

My spiritual journey began a number of years ago and since understanding that we are spirit having a human experience, life got a whole lot more fun and easier to handle.

4) Other people’s opinions are none of our business!!

People can think what they want but it doesn’t need to affect you, it is actually none of your business. Don't let someone projecting their own s**t bring you down, it's nothing to do with you!

5) Follow your passions.

When you make space & time in your life to do more of what you love, inspiration and attraction follow. You are likely to find your soul purpose by following your passion. Time opens up for you too, giving you more time to enjoy your life and get everything done!

6) Don’t hold a grudge.

There is a wonderful quote from Buddha “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Holding on to a grudge is only hurting you, emotionally, mentally, energetically and often physically. Let things go, it doesn’t mean forgiving but let it go and re-focus on your own happiness.

7) Don’t compare yourself to others.

The only genuine comparison you can make, is with yourself from the past.

8) Be friendly and open with strangers.

Strangers are potentially friends you haven’t yet met. The media would have us believe that the world is full of horrible, dangerous and nasty people but this is simply not true. If you are open and friendly to life, you will attract friendly and open people back into your life.

9) Trust your intuition.

Our intuition is like an internal navigation system, we are continuously guided by spirit and our higher self. The more we can learn to trust it, the deeper our connection becomes and the more we can benefit from the guidance. Quieten your mind to experience a deep connection.

10) Forgive yourself

We are all human and make mistakes, the quicker you can forgive yourself (and others) the easier your life will be.

11) Nature can be your best friend.

Nature is super therapeutic, allow it to assist you in your life. Being surrounded by green, having your barefeet on the ground, hugging a tree, it does wonders for your vibration and your happiness.

12) We are cyclic beings.

We don’t need to be balanced all the time, it is completely unrealistic to think that we can be positive and high vibe 100% of the time. We are cyclic beings, we follow the moon cycles, the cycles of the seasons among many others. Embrace the cycles, go with the flow.

13) Learning is not for dorks!

This one took me a while because of my school experience, but, now I have embraced learning, I think I will be a life long learner! There are so many interesting things, individual to everyone. Embrace learning and grow!

14) Don’t judge yourself or others.

When you judge someone, you are judging yourself as well. And the more you judge others, the more you feel they are judging you. What someone else is doing is none of your business. We are all connected energetically, so what you do to others you are also doing to yourself.

15) We are all connected.

This follows on nicely from the last point. We are all connected, how you treat others reflects how you treat yourself. We are energetic beings, connected by the quantum field. Energetically we are all the same, made up of energy.

16) The subconscious doesn’t do jokes or sarcasm.

How you speak to yourself affects your life in a big way. What does your inner voice (ego voice) say, do you say horrible things about yourself but in a jokey or sarcastic way? The subconscious doesn’t understand jokes and will take you seriously, embedding limiting beliefs along the lines of what you're telling yourself.

17) You are perfect, exactly as you are!

Regardless of what you think of yourself, your shape, your size, your age etc, you are perfect. In the eyes of source energy you are a miraculous and perfect being.

18) Smile and laugh regularly.

Even when you don’t feel like it, you can shift your mood by laughing, pulling a silly face or do a silly smile. Raise your vibration by laughing more! Smiling is the best free thing in this world for me, it crosses language barriers an can warm someone's heart. Why not smile more?

19) Perfection doesn’t exist.

Perfection is something we aim for which I believe is unachievable. There is no need to waste time on perfectionism. If you are working on a project, get it out there, do the dam thing! In my opinion perfection = procrastination.

20) Don’t take things personally.

It is very easy to take someone’s comment personally but when you can understand that they are just projecting their sh*t and it actually has nothing to do with you, it’s much easier to let it go.

21) Take responsibility of your life.

The sooner we realise that life is happening for us and as a result of our vibration it becomes a lot easier to take responsibility for it. The great, the good and even the cr*p stuff happens because we are vibrating at that particular frequency, we are actively inviting it in. Don’t blame others for how you feel, take charge of your own happiness and emotions. You have control over your reaction to a situation or a person.

22) Appreciation and gratitude will change your life.

This is a really big one and gratitude is thrown around a lot but it really is life changing. When we can become grateful for the bad as well as the good, the insignificant as well as the monumental our outlook changes and that’s when big changes happen.

23) The Universe is conspiring for you not against you!

How many times have you uttered ‘the world is against me’, ‘my boss is against me’? It’s not true, it is actually the Universe trying to teach you something. The Universe is always conspiring for our greatest, highest good, we just have to learn how to let it in.

24) Use natural skin care.

Our skin is our biggest organ, the products we use affect our bodies. We all know that eating fruit and veggies are good for us, but I think it’s super important to understand the importance of using clean and natural products on our skin too.

25) Silver linings always exist.

A situation may seem pretty cr*p at the time but if you can learn to step back and see things from a bigger picture, be patient and relax you will soon learn that the Universe always has a bigger and better plan! Learn to trust!

26) Emotions are a gift.

Before we incarnate on planet earth as human beings, we are light beings who don’t experience emotions. One of the things we come here to do is experience emotions, the good and the bad. Embrace all your emotions and try and understand what they are trying to tell you, our emotions (like our intuition) is an internal guidance system. No emotion is "bad" it's our reaction to it that makes it seem bad.

27) There is more than enough for everyone.

This can apply to money, jobs, girlfriends/ boyfriends, space, ideas, love, happiness, health – anything that you think is finite or limited. The Universe is unlimited in resources even though we are brought up to believe the opposite. There is more than enough, there is no need for competition and fighting for resources, we cannot take more than we need because it will make a deficit for someone else, it doesn’t work like that. We can’t become sick to make someone else healthy.

28) You are number 1 in your life!

Not one person on this planet is more important than another, regardless of job title, status, financial status – we are all equal!!! And in your life, no one is more important than you are! You should always focus on yourself before others, fill your cup before helping others.

29) Meditation is a game changer.

I spent years saying that I didn’t have time to meditate, thinking it was hard work and boring. However, when I did actually start a meditation practice, I dived in at the deep end and did a 2 day silent meditation retreat in Thailand where I learnt that the monkey mind is perfectly normal and can be tamed with a regular practice. I am happy to say that my monkey mind is well behaved now and I am in control most of the time. Start small, get comfortable and be consistent – 3 or 5 minutes daily until you feel more comfortable increasing it.

30) Don’t copy someone else.

We are all unique, we are all special in our own way and when we copy other people it dims our own light. Be proud to be unique no matter how weird and wonderful that might be.

31) Have a positive outlook on life.

I have always been positive, for as long as I can remember, it just comes naturally to me. Seeing how a negative mindset has affected family members, it keeps you stuck and trapped in a cycle that doesn’t serve you, that is enough evidence I need to continue with my positive outlook on life.

32) Be courageous.

Don’t be scared, afraid or timid. Take life by the horns and embrace it. We are here to experience the ups and downs, by being scared we don’t allow ourselves to experience this.

33) Embrace change!

Change is the only constant in our world. The days, weeks and months change, our emotions change, our habits and patterns change. Change is a good thing, it’s where growth happens.

34) Look after your energy.

Spiritual hygiene is important. We are energetic beings living in an energetic universe so it makes sense that we would need to cleanse, protect and charge our energy. There are so many practices available to us but I recommend cleansing your energy and your space regularly, protecting your energy if you are around a lot of people or particular people who drain you and then charging your energy to feel your best.

35) The term ‘God’ can be substituted.

For many years the word God was a major sticking point for me, I thought I was atheist for a long time because I didn’t believe in God. But really, what I didn’t believe in was religion! God, is a synonym for source energy, universe, higher power. It is the energy that is within all of us, the energy that created all of us, that created our planet. It is not external and it is not a He. Once this realisation hit me, my spiritual awakening kicked up a gear or two and I started moving deeper and deeper into profound understanding.

I hope you enjoyed my life lessons. If you haven't already, join the tribe, i'd love to connect with you.

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