Numerology Reading

A tantric numerology reading is like a blue print that your soul put in a time capsule before incarnating on planet earth, for you to access when you are ready. It contains all the information you could possibly need to step into your best life! 

That time is now! Your best life is waiting for you! 

A tantric numerology reading will tell you what your challenges & weaknesses are, giving you tools and techniques to work through these. It can tell you what your strengths and your superpowers are and how to step into and harness these with ease, grace and flow. 

It consists of:

Soul number

Karma number

Destiny number

Gift number 

Path number

How exciting! It is literally gold dust, a blue print to make the best out of your life! 

Have you ever noticed that you face the same challenges in different areas of your life? This could be your karma, things that you didn't master in previous lives that your soul wants you to have another go at this time around! Are you ready to take on the challenge and master these aspects of your life? 

Have you ever wondered what your superpower is? You might not even be convinced that you have any special talents or powers? Let me do a reading for you and also give you lots of tools and techniques to enable you to step into these gifts and talents with ease, realising that actually you had always been good at them! 

I am so in love with tantric numerology, learning all about my personal numbers has given me a fresh confidence in myself, my abilities, especially when facing challenges, knowing when I'm acting out of alignment and how to move back into alignment. 

Are you interested in getting a numerology reading with me? 

Mini reading - £10

In a mini reading, I will tell you your numbers, what they mean and a brief outline of how they might be playing out in your life. This is a one page pdf document sent via email. 

Full reading - £35

In a full reading I go into so much depth, we have a short video call so I can ask unique to you questions and you will then receive a 6 page pdf document. You will find out exactly what your superpowers are and how to strengthen them. What your challenges are and how to know when you are acting out of alignment. You will get multiple tools and techniques to set you in good stead for accessing the best that your life has to offer. 

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