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Hello beautiful souls,


I am Katy and I'm here to help you heal and align your energy through different energy healing modalities. 

My spiritual journey began over 6 years ago but I only recently woke up and heard my calling to become an energy healing practitioner (I heard it loud and clear this time, there was no denying it!!) and help the people of this wonderful world to heal their energy and become happier, healthier and able to step into their best lives. 

A cosmic wanderer at heart, travelling is my big passion, being out in nature, exploring and adventures are when i'm at my happiest. There are beautiful people all over the world and I love mooching around to different corners of the world meeting them, being open to the opportunities that the Universe brings my way. I was born in the UK and grew up there but always felt like my home was far and wide, at 18 I began travelling and got the travel bug, since then I have experienced many different traditions and cultures and haven't stopped travelling! For the last 6 years I have lived in camper vans of various sizes and now my partner, daughter and puppy live in a converted lorry and absolutely love the lifestyle. 

In March 2020, at the beginning of the lockdown in the UK, I learnt about The Emotion Code, an energy healing modality, and felt as if I was being called home, like I was remembering from another time. I heard the call! I immediately enrolled to become a practitioner (before my ego could talk me out of it!) and qualified some months later after completing many, many case studies. I have personally felt massive shifts through working with this technique, I no longer feel bitter towards certain people, I no longer get triggered by certain people, comments or situations, my energy has shifted in a positive, empowering way, all through releasing trapped emotions that do not serve me. I released knee pain that had been bothering me for over 15 years and was all related to trapped emotions from when my younger brother was in hospital when I was 7 years old, a time that I hadn't given any thought to for over 20 years! Click here for more information. 

And click here to go to the Discover Healing website. 


In December 2020 I started delving into the magical world of healing with crystals. They are incredible gifts from mamma earth, created deep within the earth by nature, the healing properties are literally limitless with the wide variety of crystals available.


And so here we are, i'm now a qualified energy healing practitioner in both modalities. Click here for more information.  Ready to take on the world! 


2020 was a big year of growth and learning for me, with everything that happened around the world, this shifted something inside of me and I heard the call loud and clear. It is time to step up, to tune in and shine brighter than ever before. 

Most recently I have trained in tantric numerology and I am so excited to bring this amazing addition to the services I can offer. Numerology is like a blue print to your life and I am fascinated by how accurate it is and how easily it has allowed me to move forward in my life with confidence, ease and grace. 

I am delighted to be here, able to serve you and share the valuable knowledge I have gained.

I believe these two energy healing modalities combined are like a super power, first we release trapped emotions then we realign and boost your energy with crystals. I am delighted to be combining these energy healing modalities and numerology together to create a package that will help people to move forward, to step into their best lives and to stay there!


It gives me such a buzz, every single session and every time I get amazing feedback from clients.


I have found my path, my soul purpose and I want to help people all around the world to master their energy. I hope you will walk this path with me. 

Sending you so much love and light

Katy xxx

Katy @ Find the Flow Energy Therapy

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If any of this information resonates with you, if you feel stuck, stagnant, uninspired or frustrated by life. If you notice yourself stuck in negative cycles and patterns, easily triggered by others or simply intrigued about what could change for you.
Get in touch with me, I'd love to help you re-align your energy with the help of these energy healing modalities.
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