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We all deserve to feel good, to have vibrant energy, great health and more happiness.
Energy healing is an amazing way to give yourself that boost by clearing out what is no longer serving you.
Intuitive crystal healing with a twist, I help you release stagnant energy, re-align and re-charge your energy flow, giving you a beautiful boost using crystals and the Emotion Code. What ever you need will come through in the crystal healing. Now incorporating tantric numerology into the mix.
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The benefits of working with me: 

There are so many benefits to energy healing with Crystals and the Emotion Code, here are some of my favourites and most common benefits: 
  • Holds space for emotional release       
  • Holds space for you to heal naturally & promotes the bodies ability to heal itself
  • Increased mental emotional awareness
  • Encourages the development of creativity
  • Brings in more clarity and inspired ideas
  • Releases and helps you deal with stress & anxiety better
  • Holds space for deep relaxation and increases a sense of calm & peace
  • Able to be more loving & receive more love by releasing trapped emotions in your heart wall
  • Free yourself of inherited patterns and behaviours through releasing inherited trapped emotions 
  • Increase happiness, joy and positivity
  • Relieve physical pain & dis-ease within the body
  • Release that emotional baggage that has been weighing you down and free yourself

Energy healing is for you if you answer yes to any of these: 

  • Feel stuck or stagnant in your life    
  • Feel like you want more energy
  • Are ready for more & ready to make changes in your life
  • Want to make some changes in your life
  • Can see repeating patterns in life &/or relationships and want to get to the bottom of it
  • Feel stressed, anxious or uneasy
  • Feel disconnected from yourself or the world around you
  • Feel dissatisfied 
  • Do you have aches and pains
  • Do you want more clarity
  • Do you want to feel more comfortable in yourself and in your life
  • Do you feel like you have trouble giving and receiving love
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping
  • Are you easily triggered by certain people or situations
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Katy @ Find the Flow Energy Therapy

What my clients have to say . . . 

I have had different sessions of the emotion code with Katy.

We cleared my hart wall, we released loads of trapped emotions from my teenage years. I found it incredible how the trapped emotions related to a particular event at that exact age!

I also had few sessions with crystals which I found relaxing and rebalancing.

I am still working on myself with Katy and I would certainly recommend her.

Emilio - UK

Highly recommended

I was lucky enough to be a case study, the healing I received made wonders to me emotionally and mentally, i felt grounded for weeks after. Thanks you xx

Melissa - UK

I would highly recommend energy healing sessions with Katy! I had never done any thing like this before and had very little knowledge about it but I went in with an open mind and found my sessions really helpful and cathartic. Katy explained the process to me and we released many trapped emotions I had as well as working on my heart wall. I felt much lighter afterwards like I had decluttered my emotional cupboards for no better way of describing it!! Everyone should give this a go!!

Charlotte - UK

Just wanted to put into words how lovely my treatment was yesterday. It was amazing to feel my whole energy system being balanced at once, with the more focused areas receiving attention too. I slept deeply during my afternoon nap (bliss with an 11 month old!) and this morning, I felt like i'd had a massage yesterday! Amazing. I was so happy to receive the clearing on an energetic level but the remarkable physical effects were so unexpected. I do a lot of distance healing, but, i've never experienced a modality that works so deeply on the physical body, as rapidly as your treatment, thank you! I'm feeling more confident in myself too, i'm sure thats another effect of the clearing. 

Carrie - UK

I had a gorgeous session with Katy. She was able to clear some stuck emotions that I didn't even realise I had, and then took me through some beautiful crystal healing. Since the session I've felt so much lighter and had so much more clarity around making decisions. I've also been able to tune into my intuition more, which has been something I've been working on for ages. I'm going through some huge changes in my business and working with Katy has helped me feel less stressed around it all - I'm now feeling excited about what's coming. Would 111% recommend a session with Katy

Dawn - UK

Loved my sessions with Katy. She’s such a lovely warm person I immediately felt at ease and able to trust her with my energy work. Found the sessions really insightful and noticed immediate and longer lasting effects. 100% recommend, thank you Katy!

Caragh - UK

I was a case study last year and had no idea of what it was before starting. What happened in the session was literally mind blowing and unbelievably spot on, I would normally question things if I experience anything new, but with this I just felt like I was with someone remarkably gifted and safe to be in their hands.. Highly (and strongly) recommended.

Claire - UK

I'm a reiki master and yoga teacher, so no stranger to energy healing. I was amazed by Katy’s combined Emotional Code and crystal therapy session. During the first part I felt a tingling sensation as each trapped emotion was released. Then I felt a lovely sense of relaxation and stillness during the crystal therapy, which lingered for several days. Katy has a wonderful spirit and I highly recommend her! 

Vanessa - Canada

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